About Us


 Synergy Network Worldwide is a reputable faith-based organization that provides support to ministries and businesses around the world. We promote small businesses through our network of faith-based organizations and ministries. We believe that a business will strive when its target market is well defined. We create a custom market of potential customers for every business, because no two businesses are alike.

We are committed to providing every small business with the resources that are necessary for substantial growth. We believe in communion among individuals and businesses, and are dedicated to creating business-to-business relationships among our members. We provide life coaching, entrepreneurial seminars, positive media advertising, and many other services that have the specific purpose of growing each small business and the entrepreneur behind it.

We fully embrace the faith-based community and are dedicated to increasing their market share by aiding them in the growth of their businesses. We value individuals and believe in their potential. We desire to elevate their passions by creating a successful business plan and implementation strategy that will give them a prosperous business.